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Hand & Wrist Procedures

  • LRTI (Ligament Reconstruction and Tendon Interposition) for Thumb CMC Arthritis

    LRTI (Ligament Reconstruction and Tendon Interposition) for Thumb CMC Arthritis

    LRTI (ligament reconstruction and tendon interposition) is a surgical procedure that is most commonly conducted to treat thumb CMC (carpometacarpal) arthritis where the damaged joint surfaces are removed and replaced with a cushion of tissue that keeps the bones separated. To achieve this objective, surgeons remove part or all of the trapezium bone in the wrist.

  • Wrist Open Reduction and Internal Fixation

    Wrist Open Reduction and Internal Fixation

    Open reduction and internal fixation of the wrist is a surgical technique employed for the treatment of severe wrist fractures to restore normal anatomy and improve range of motion and function.

  • Peripheral Nerve Repair

    Peripheral Nerve Repair

    The peripheral nerves are the nerve fibers that compose the area from head to toe, connecting the brain and spinal cord with the rest of the body parts. Nerves transmit electrical impulses and signals to and from the brain. Peripheral nervous system disorders interrupt the transmission of signals and weaken the sensory and motor nerve functions.

  • Wrist Arthroscopy

    Wrist Arthroscopy

    Wrist arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure performed to view, diagnose and treat problems of your wrist joint.

  • Wrist Joint Replacement

    Wrist Joint Replacement

    Wrist joint replacement surgery, also referred to as total wrist arthroplasty, involves the replacement of a severe arthritic wrist joint with an artificial joint made of metal and plastic components. It relieves pain and restores function when conservative treatment fails to provide relief.

  • Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

    Carpal Tunnel Release Surgery

    If conservative treatment options fail to resolve the condition your surgeon may recommend a surgical procedure. Carpal tunnel syndrome can be treated with carpal tunnel release surgery. Traditional surgery involves an incision of up to 2 inches in the palm and wrist area, whereas endoscopic surgery involves one or two half-an-inch incisions and the use of an endoscope.

  • Elective Emergency Hand Surgery

    Elective Emergency Hand Surgery

    Hand surgery is performed to restore the structure and functionality of the fingers, wrist and hand secondary to a traumatic injury, medical condition, severe infection, or birth defect causing pain and/or deformity of the hand. It is performed by trained and certified plastic surgeons. The surgery is done either as an emergency procedure or as an elective procedure depending on the condition and its severity.

  • Wrist Ligament Reconstruction

    Wrist Ligament Reconstruction

    The human wrist is made up of small bones joined together by a band of tough fibrous tissue known as ligaments. Ligaments also join the bones in our wrist to the radius, ulna, and metacarpal bones, and aid in the proper functioning of our wrist.

  • Total Wrist Arthrodesis

    Total Wrist Arthrodesis

    Arthrodesis is the surgical immobilization of a joint by the fusion of the adjacent bones. Total wrist arthrodesis, also known as wrist fusion, is a surgical procedure in which the wrist joint is stabilized or immobilized by fusing the forearm bone (radius) with the small bones of the wrist.

  • Sports Injury Management of Hand, Wrist and Elbow

    Sports Injury Management of Hand, Wrist and Elbow

    When you suffer an injury during sports events, never try to continue the activity in pain because it may cause further harm. Some injuries may require prompt attention by a doctor, while others can be treated at home.

  • Artificial Finger Joint Replacement

    Artificial Finger Joint Replacement

    Artificial finger joint replacement is a surgical procedure that involves the removal of an arthritic or damaged finger joint and replacement with an artificial prosthesis.

  • Finger Joint Fusion

    Finger Joint Fusion

    Finger joint fusion is performed under local or general anesthesia and usually takes about 2 hours to complete. A cut is made over the back of the finger joint and the soft tissues and nerves are carefully moved aside to expose the damaged joint. The damaged articular cartilage on the end of the bones is removed. Next, a hollow is created in the bones and prepared to accept the prosthesis.

  • Surgery for Thumb and Digit Arthritis

    Surgery for Thumb and Digit Arthritis

    Surgery is usually considered if non-surgical treatments fail to offer relief. There are different surgical procedures that can be performed and may include...

  • ORIF of the Forearm Fractures

    ORIF of the Forearm Fractures

    The forearm is made up of two bones, the radius and ulna. A break in both or either of the bones is known as forearm fracture. Forearm fractures can occur near the wrist, near the elbow, or in the middle of the forearm. A forearm fracture affects the ability to rotate your arm, as well as bend and straighten the wrist and elbow.

  • Xiapex


    Xiapex is an injection consisting of enzymes that are used to break down stiffened tissue. It is used to treat conditions such as Dupuytren’s contracture and Peyronie’s disease.

  • Wrist Fracture Fixation

    Wrist Fracture Fixation

    Wrist fracture fixation may be performed by surgical or non-surgical methods depending on the severity of the fracture...

  • DRUJ Arthroscopy

    DRUJ Arthroscopy

    The DRUJ is the joint formed by the radius and ulnar bones of the foreman in the wrist. DRUJ (Distal Radioulnar Joint) arthroscopy is a minimally invasive surgical procedure to diagnose and treat pathological problems in the DRUJ using an arthroscope, a thin, flexible scope with a camera on the end.

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